Food safety is getting a big issue for governments all over the world. As the food crisis is getting worse, the quality of food is also a thread.

Because the food industry wants to produce more and more to feed the world, usually there is a compromise on food quality. More important there are many food hazards that can be health threads.

But what food scientists are actually saying about these issues. Yet how food science is protecting our health from consuming today’s food products.

So it is important to know what we put in our mouth. Food science is helping us to learn how the food industry is working and what the future will be.  

Food safety is from seed to plate

Food scientist Irene Lazarou is explaining that the problem is not so much alarming. Moreover, she is explaining the followings:

  • What is food safety
  • What are the biggest hazards in food
  • How we can protect ourselves from pesticides when we eat our fruits and vegetables 
  • How food technology is changing the future of the food industry

Yes, there is a crisis of hunger on the planet, but hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food but a scarcity of democracy. - Anna Lappé

Listen to this episode on Her Impact Podcast

Irene is sharing her expertise in this episode and explain to us what is food safety and why this science is helping us not only to eat safe food but also why food education is important to understand how to handle our food.

People should not be scared of food safety hazards. EU legislation has done a lot to protect their health. - Irene Lazarou

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Posted on 5/6/2019.

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