Tectonic plates are the eggshell of Earth. Hence we live on a tectonic plate in any continent we are.

Because these plates are constantly moving, Earth seems like a living thing. Sometimes they crash with each other and they create high mountains. Yet sometimes they drift apart and so they create deep oceans. 

Therefore they are changing the landscape and the climate of Earth. In a way, this change is finally affecting the evolution of species, including us humans.

We were all formed because of tectonic plates

Lewis Dartnell writes in his book ‘Origins‘: ‘We are the children of plate tectonics… Many of the earliest civilizations in history emerged along the boundaries of the plates… And more fundamentally, tectonic processes in East Africa were critical for the evolution of hominins and the forging of our particularly intelligent and adaptable species.

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But it is indeed true. Humans as any other species are evolved because of tectonic plates movements. Since these activities are mainly along their boundaries, where human civilization is thriving, it should not be a surprise of our dependence on the Earth’s plates.

More about the dots between humans and tectonic plates are explained in this episode.     

As we sit here, continents are adrift, like leaves on a pond. GPS tracking shows North America & Europe currently moving apart at the same rate your fingernail grows, or about two yards in a human lifetime. - Bill Bryson

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Posted on 26/6/2019.

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