Asbestos is well to all of us. On one hand, it was popularly used in the construction industry for fireproof. On the other hand, the health dangers are now well known. 

However, it is still present in many old buildings and houses. Because of the very high cost to remove it, building owners are refusing to get rid of it. Hence the danger of getting sick from asbestos is still debatable. 

But recent studies show that even one asbestos fiber can make you sick decades later. The best cure is prevention to asbestos exposure.  

Asbestos is one of the deadliest minerals

Asbestos’ health effects are known from the 1930s but they were dismissed from the industry and governments because of profits. In Europe the EU banned asbestos only recently and as late as 2005. 

Yet Europe has a long history of asbestos. Moreover, the biggest mine is in Cyprus, named Amiantos mine

Still, we are not even close to stopping using asbestos and therefore we are still at risk of becoming ill from exposure.

Anybody with any hint of asbestos exposure is getting taken down. It's a witch hunt.

- David Begleiter

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Therefore this issue is not of the past. Although it is banned in many countries the risk is still present for all of us. 

So there are five truths we should know in order to be informed of the latest developments on the matter.  These five pieces of information are scientifically confirmed and they show the true aspect of this issue.

It is now known that asbestos dust is one of the most dangerous dusts to which man is exposed.

- U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1932

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Posted on 19/6/2019.

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