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Science inspired books are great for keeping you company. Whether you like science or not,  these books are as enjoyable as any novel. 

Hence you will find a lot of these books telling stories about scientists, discoveries, and adventures.

But some of them are as intriguing as crime stories, and so you will dive into science without even realizing it.

Books have inspired me from my childhood. Reading about inventor’s stories inspired me to become a scientist. 

They might have recognized in their strange companion what some of today's middle-aged recognize in the young electronics visionaries... a man who, though part of their world, still had a view that was somehow larger than theirs, that he had firm sight of a future that he somehow knew was better, as well as being a future that was definably different and, most crucially, utterly unlike the world of the present.

Simon Winchester

So these are five books from my shelf that will inspire and entertain you. Just add them to your summer reading list and I promise you will enjoy them as I did.

Therefore, my five favorite books for the summer are:

1. Origins: How The Earth Made Us by Lewis Dartnell tells the story of the human revolution parallel with the movement of the tectonic plates. 

2. Ecological Intelligence by Daniel Goleman illustrates the hidden impacts of what we buy. 

3. The Map That Changed The World by Simon Winchester is the story of William Smith, a man that made a startling discovery yet he ended up in prison

4. Possessing Genius: The Bizarre Odyssey of Einstein’s Brain by Carolyn Abraham is the story of Einstein’s brain adventure from 1955 and the research was done to discover the source of Einstein’s intelligence

5. My childhood book The Book of Young Explorers by Walt Disney that showed me what adventures you can have while exploring the world around you.

The industrial processes in use today were developed at a time when no one had to consider what the environmental impact was. Who cared? But making ecological concerns matter to a company’s bottom line will help it do the research and development that will reinvent everything we buy.

Daniel Goleman

Do you have any good books to recommend? What is your reading list? You can share it below.

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With love…for science,


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