Put science in your talk and impress your audience, I always thought so. Hence the most interesting talks are the ones who are actually teaching us something.

Yet some speakers are focusing too much on the content rather on their audience. Therefore they become boring and unpopular. But there are no boring subjects, only boring speakers.

Moreover, there are times that we need to give a speech without any visual aid, like slides or videos. So we need to be extra careful about our words and information we give. 

But if we want to sound more interesting and intriguing, we can include scientific facts and numbers. In this way, our talk will have validity and therefore evidence to support our opinions.

Tips to put science in your talk

Thankfully there are some tips to include science into your talk. Moreover, these must-do’s will illustrate your talk’s highlights in an understanding way. 

Moreover, if you follow these five tips you will achieve your objective as a speaker: be an informative but also entertaining speaker:

  • Be accurate. Learn the specifics when you introduce facts and numbers. So you do not make any mistakes.
  • Be relevant. Any information should be relevant to your topic.
  • Be passionate. In order to keep your audience interest, you need to be energetic.
  • Be creative. Hence put the knowledge into content that will amuse your audience.
  • Be brief. Because none will remember a long talk.

So prepare your next talk with these five tips. But before that go to this episode for more information on how to put science in your talk.

In this episode, I am also sharing my own experience after following these five must-do’s only recently. Yet the result was to become a finalist in a competition.

I always think a great speaker convinces us not by force of reasoning, but because he is visibly enjoying the beliefs he wants us to accept.

William Butler Yeats

Are you a speaker? Do you have any tips to share? You can add them below.

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So keep learning. Keep growing.


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