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The secrets of Earth are all around us. Yet most of us are still in the dark.

Therefore we are willing to believe the impossible, like for example that earthquakes are the result of high temperatures.

For thousands of years, we are blaming gods because of natural disasters. But now science is giving all the answers.  

Each of us visits this Earth involuntarily, and without an invitation. For me, it is enough to wonder at the secrets.

Albert Einstein

Because we know now that volcanoes and tsunamis are natural phenomena of Earth. Therefore, we are scared of natural wonders that we can not control. 

However, we can learn about them so we can make the appropriate actions to protect ourselves and our health.

So the secrets of Earth are not to be afraid of or avoid but to discover them so we know nature as we know ourselves.

Since the secrets of Earth are many, we choose to reveal three in this episode that they will maybe surprise you or even question your beliefs.

These are three true facts that scientists have discovered over the last few decades:

  1. the ocean floor is not flat but has valleys and mountains like the land;
  2. climate change is not about the weather changes but how Earth is changing;
  3. our health and survival depend on nature so we need to protect rather destroy the environment.

The Earth is alive and contains the knowledge you seek. It is your consciousness that determines what it reveals. How to access this knowledge? And where are the keys to open it and make it yours? The Earth speaks. Love her, honor and respect her and she will reveal her secrets.

Barbara Marciniak

What do you think about these three secrets? Do you know any more secrets? Tell us below all about them.

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With love…for science,


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