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A panic attack is something scary and familiar to many of us. Hence we know the symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack.

Yet we tend to ignore it because we may not understand it or we just do not know what to do about it.

Thankfully mental health science made a lot of research on how to get through or even stop our panic attack episodes.  

The waterfall, while scary, would've released us. The panic attack will also release you. Just relax, and don't feel weird about being vocal about your feelings. Just breathe, And if possible, drink the nearest thing to you.

Mamrie Hart

All of this of course is on us, our stressful lifestyle. When we stop living for the future and start living in the present, our mental health will improve and we can finally say goodbye to anxiety and panic.  

In this episode, we are talking about what you can do when you suffer from panic attacks and how you can finally get rid of them.

These are tips that are not just scientifically proven but are also tested by my own personal struggle I have over the last few years.

So these tips include the followings:

  • a breathing exercise that will help you with your stress 
  • how counting sheep is calming you down
  • a way to wake up your brain hormones
  • how moving is helpful
  • what cold water has to do with it
  • the mindfulness exercises will help you even in the long run
  • and finally what you can start saying to your brain

All of them are tested and confirmed that they work. But the most important thing is for you to remember that this is not defining you and that you can too face it without the fear of failure.   

First, you’d discover that the monster was not real. You’d realize that it was just an illusion that you never had anything to fear in the first place. You’d see that the monster had no teeth. This would be an incredible triumph.

David D. Burns, When Panic Attacks

Have you tried any of our tips? Did it help you? Please share your experience below.

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With love…for science,


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