Rainbows are always amazing to look at. None of us has stopped to admire them, wherever we happened on this planet.

Moreover, they are like miracles and signs from God that make us smile no matter our state of mind at that specific moment. 

Rainbows tend to be a breeze of cool air full of hope and wonder in our stressed and busy lifestyle.

Rainbows may never walk on the ground, but they will always fly in the sky.

Anthony T. Hincks

But how much do we know about them? Have you ever considered why we see this colourful phenomenon in the sky after the rain?

Well, I have after I became obsessed with them when I happened to see a double one. Therefore this wonderful sight sparked my curiosity.

Searching for their occurrence and their characteristics, I discovered eight facts that are just fascinating to know.   

Hence this episode is devoted to all the rainbows of our lives that lift our spirits by just looking at them.

After you listen to this episode and learn all about this extortionate sight, you will definitely look at them with much more amazement and gratitude because you can see them.  

The brightest rainbows are often found after the roughest storms.

Brittany Burgunder

Are you amazed yet? What do you think about these eight fascinating and maybe even unknown facts?

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With love…for science,


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