Pompeii is a lost city but thanks to science we can still visit it to discover the lifestyle of people in antiquity. 

Although the city was covered by ash about two thousand years ago, visitors can see evidence of prosperity.

Once you visit this archaeological site, you can witness the great catastrophe that happened to this now lost healthy city. 

Look at the walls of Pompeii. That's what got the internet started.

Robin Williams

Because of scientists and their excavation effort for decades, we can now wander through the streets of this ancient city of Italy.

Under the great Mount Vesuvius, this lost city had shops, theatres and mansions. And yet most of its area is still buried.

But what is most interesting about Pompeii is not what the ruins are telling about the life of its people but about the disaster that happened to cause its destruction.   

So in this episode, you can learn all about the day that transform thousands of people’s lives and ended this city’s existence. 

Join us in this episode of Her Impact Podcast and hear all about this vast Italian tragedy that captures the interest of geologists and archaeologists all over the world.

Hear the story of Pompeii filled with explosions, tragedy and loss for its people and for all the Roman civilisation which lost one of the most wealthy and important cities of all time

For them, it was just an ordinary miracle.

Robert Harris, Pompeii

Have you visited the city? If not, will you do it after this episode? What part of the story intrigues your curiosity? 

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