Life lessons comes with aging. Hence the more we live the more we learn about life. Being a woman among others is a challenging life. But being a woman in science is even more.

But the difficulties and opportunities we have in our lives shape our life choices. So we change over the course of our life because of the life experiences.

Influenced by last week International Women’s Day I am sharing my own life wisdom and the lessons I got.

Five life lessons life taught me as a woman

As a woman I may have lived very differently if I relive it as a man. Yet I love being a woman because we as women have so much to be excited for.

In this episode I am sharing a piece of my own life experience. Therefore I am confining what life taught me with these five lessons.

Firstly being fearless is my favourite lesson because feeling fear is normal. However fear can stop us from being real and different. Anyway science and DNA proves that we are all different.  

As a woman in science a very hard lesson is to learn to live with challenges. Because being a scientist is mostly about challenges and that keeps things interesting and vivid.

Third life lesson is about being original and stop copying others. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need new ideas. So think out of the box and make your presence matter.

For some time now I happen to get a lot of mentoring in my life. So life actually told me that learning from other women is very empowering.

Finally it is more than ok to make you your first priority. There is no, absolutely no, reason to feel any guilt.    

More on life and lessons in this episode of Her Impact.

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Posted on 13/3/2019.

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