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The 100th episode of Her Impact podcast is now a reality. Achieving a big milestone for podcasting, we are celebrating with some insights into how Her Impact started.

About three years ago there was a woman in science, that is me, that wanted her voice to be heard in a very meaningful way.

Yet podcasting seemed to be a very scary way to open up. But I decided to do it anyway.

Podcasting might be thought of as a form of academic gift.

Les Back

My goal with the podcast was, and will always be, to engage people with science. Having so much science in our daily life, it seems unreasonable to know so little about it.

Also as a woman who strangles and keeps strangling in science, I find it difficult not to communicate the challenges women face in this men-dominated profession.

Although most effort out there is to engage girls and women in science, I strongly believe that science has to change for women to thrive as scientists.      

And now, after a couple of years, we are here in the 100th episode with thousands of plays throughout the world.

Feeling grateful for every one of you that is listening episode after episode with the undying hope that science is becoming a part of your life. 

Podcasting is so frictionless from a creative point of view.

Taki Moore

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