#metoo in science


#Metoo in science is still not at its peak. Although sexual harassment is quite common among female scientists, the #metoo movement has made only a bit of difference in science.

Yet it did not make the impact it did in other professions. From Hollywood to Europe and beyond, this movement helped women to speak up and ask for lecal justice.

The work of #MeToo is about healing. It's about healing as individuals and healing as communities.

Tarana Burke

Still, women in science are working in a man-dominated environment that is only thinking to take action on punishing harassment.

However, this movement can be the reason women were wishing to change the brutal working environment the science sector has since forever.

In this episode, we are talking about the movement and how it is actually affecting women in science by giving them the chance to tell their stories.

But no matter how much the impact the movement had in science, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to raise our voices again and not be silent anymore.

My home is carpeted with tongues of men who expected me to (be) grateful for their harassment.

Roxane Gay

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