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Bad science is everywhere. You will be surprised how much junk we are hearing every day.

From the media to the daily news, science is misinterpreted by journalists and politicians all the time.

Yet there are many scientific studies that are actually a huge pile of junk.  

If you want to do bad things, science is the most powerful way to do them.

Richard Dawkins

So we end up with a personal view about a scientific fact that is actually false, to begin with. 

One example we are living in now is the pandemic. Sometimes I actually think of the madness that surrounds us when I hear some people’s opinions about the virus or the vaccines.

Within this craziness, we tend to be influenced by others and form views that finally are bound to pop us eventually in our faces.

Thankfully there are a number of ways you and only you can spot trash science when you are reading your morning paper.

Hence in this episode, we are talking about the tips you can use to recognize the shitty side of science. 

Although you may not be a scientist that you can understand the quality of a study. However, you are a reasonable human being that can detect the junk with some help.

Pulling bad science apart is the best teaching gimmick I know for explaining how good science really works.

Ben Goldacre

We love to be entertained. So tell us below what was the latest fact you learn about it.

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