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Cancer research is without a doubt very important for the future of our health.

As we tend to live longer over the decades, it is also important to stay healthy.

However, cancer is still not curable and it is causing pain to patients. Yet this may change enormously in the nearby future.

In this episode, we invited Dr. Oluf Dimitri Roe, an oncologist from Norway, who is explaining how new cancer research is changing.

There are a lot of places still using asbestos like China and India so it is an international problems.

Oluf Dimitri Roe

Dr. Roe is also involved in cancer research and he is working on a new method that will help detect cancer much earlier.

In this way, cancer will become curable and patients will not need to go over painful treatments. 

In addition, he talks about his other research work: asbestos. It is a mineral that can cause different forms of lung cancer.

Therefore he is explaining that, even though many countries are not using or mining it, the danger is far from over.

This interview is an illustration of how medical scientists are not only focusing on cures.

But also they are searching for future procedures and tests that can prevent diseases. 

Hence science, along with technology, will give together solutions that will help us become and stay healthy.

With biomarkers in the blood we can find cancer much earlier so you can get cured without chemotherapy.

Oluf Dimitri Roe

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Credit for Dr Roe's photo: Farid Dashti.

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