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Cancer is getting alarmingly common. But the upside and because there are so many people getting sick, scientists are working faster for a cure.

Indeed today more than ever research has made so much progress that patients are hopeful of getting better.

But there is an impact of cancer that is less talked about: mental health. Although doctors are focusing to cure the body, this disease is also too emotional for patients and their families.

Cancer affects your whole being. It is physical, emotional and mental.

Lulu Socratous

Thankfully survivors are speaking up to tell their stories on how to cope with cancer. One of them is Lulu Socratous, a woman from London who shares her own life experience.

Even it is a life-threatening disease, there is hope on the other side. And Lulu is describing to us the life after treatment, a journey she is taking herself for the past eight years.   

Together we are talking about:

  • mental health and the importance of support during and after treatment
  • how the body recovers after treatment
  • and finally her advice and hopeful message for current patients and other survivors.

If you are battling now or you are a survivor, I hope Lulu’s story will help you by giving you a bit of hope and some insights on life after treatment.  

None of us (cancer survivors) will be here if it was not for the science.

Lulu Socratous

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