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Indoor air quality is not known to many of us but it plays a major role in our health every single day.

Since we mostly live inside for most of our day and night, the air we breathe in our home can be our silent killer.

Yet we do not know how to protect ourselves. Only a very few harmful things, like mold, are visible to the naked eye.

The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well-documented.

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Hence indoor air quality is also about the presence of odorless gases, dust, and other airborne materials, that we discovered harmful effects on our health.

One of the most important thing to understand about air pollution is that we can not usually see it. So it is easy for us to overlook.

But with simple changes we can do in our homes, we can protect our health from chronic diseases, such as asthma. 

In this episode, we are learning about four ways that can improve our home air quality: 

  • what ventilation has to do with it
  • how clean are your filters
  • what to learn to keep you safe
  • when to seek professional help when you are not sure

For the healthiest air in your house, you should try to follow all the previous tips. These simple actions can a huge impact on a healthier lifestyle.  

Air pollution is turning Mother Nature prematurely gray.

Irv Kupcinet

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