the sky is blue


The sky is blue. Well, most of the days when there is sunshine. It is something we notice since our childhood.

But how many of us know the reason? If you were a curious child like me, then you probably asked your parents why. And since it is a pretty scientific reason then they may have answered in a not so accurate way. 

Hence we probably still do not know why the sky is blue. Yet these types of questions created science. Through curiosity, we worked hard to give answers and learn about the world around us, not only to satisfy our need to learn but also to build our daily lives.

The sun is up, the sky is blue it's beautiful, and so are you.

John Lennon

So why there is a blue and not red or purple sky. Have you ever wondered or your curiosity as an adult is not the same as when you were younger?

The answer, although scientific, is quite simple. Like anything we see around us, they are the way they are because of a combination of the natural processes and our eyes.

Indeed if you could ask your dog the same question, you will be surprised to know that the sky is not blue.

Therefore for us, the sky is blue because of the combination of three facts regarding the:

  • sunlight
  •  atmosphere
  • human eye

In this episode, we are learning all about the three facts that together make the sky blue. If any of these reacted differently the sky will be very different than what we are used to. 

If a little kid ever asks you just why the sky is blue, you look him or her right in the eye and say, It’s because of quantum effects involving Rayleigh scattering combined with a lack of violet photon receptors in our retinae.

Phil Plait

What do you think about the fact explaining the color of the sky? Do you want to learn anything else? Please tell us below.

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