if the earth stopped turning


If the Earth stopped turning, our world would have changed. But this scenario thankfully it is not likely to happen.

According to science, if Earth stopped to spin, then life may not survive. Hence it is a scary possibility that will never come true.

But it did happen once upon a time in Hollywood. Back in 1978, Superman not only stopped but also reversed the spin of the Earth.

The earth turns, and the seasons, and for all his pride and power man cannot temper the winds or change their course. They are the unseen tides that shape our days and our years.

Hal Borland

If the Earth stopped spinning it will mean that everything on its surface will be floating in the air.

Yet there will not be day or night but it will be six months of light and six months of darkness. So we need to go to the Poles to experience it. 

But more importantly, life may not adapt. Hence this new environment will force the extinction of many animals and plants.   

All these changes and much more are explained more in this Her Impact episode.

So in this episode, we are giving you all the insights on scientists have worked for this ‘what if’ scenario of our planet.

Because it is a very popular question among the science community. Therefore ‘what if the Earth stopped turning’ question is finally answered.

Yet if anyone believes that the earth rotates, surely he will hold that its motion is natural, not violent.

Nicolaus Copernicus

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