It is me, konstantia.

A scientist, earthpreneur and activist that wants to inspire you to change your life with the knowledge of science.

I am Cypriot and I am living in the city of Limassol. If you do not know, Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful beaches and landscapes. This is my hometown and I live here for…(what it feels like) centuries! I left some years ago to study geology and I returned, as I felt I ought to do back then, to contribute to my community by science.

Growing up in a middle-class family I felt that the only option for me was to continue my studies in academics. My parents and grandparents did not have the opportunities to do so and they strongly believe that education will open doors for their children that remain shut for them. I still remember my grandfather joking about moving with me while I was studying so he will cook for me delicious Cypriot dishes! 

When I completed my studies I returned back home to be part of the local scientific community. My expectations were great, as every graduate is.

However, things seemed to be more challenging for me to cope with. In my country geologists are the minority and adding the fact of being a female scientist, I have encountered many doors shut.

If you have not found it yet (whatever you are seeking in life) then keep going until you do. Rejections should not stop you but motivate you.

I never imagine changing my career path. On the contrary, I was hooked, especially when I read an article on global warming. That what a turn point for me. 

So I packed my suitcases again and I continued my studies on Environmental Geology and Environmental Health. I later came back and I think I did everything professionally.

Mentioning just a few: I worked as an environmental consultant, I had a position on NGO dealing with environmental issues and I carried out extensive research at the local university.

However, there was always a problem: the feeling of not doing enough (you know it too, right?).

I wanted to do more, so much more…

This feeling is labeled as ‘calling’ or ‘purpose’ or whatever you may label it. It is this feeling that comes uninvited in your ’20s or ’30s or even your ’70s to evaluate your life into doing something meaningful for the world.

After searching under every stone, behind every door, I found it in my own self. I wanted to do more and since I could not find it anywhere else, I would create it myself.

That is why we are here! We are visioning to build a community interested in making their life better with knowledge. My mission is to produce tools that are ‘breaking down’ the complex scientific knowledge into simplified information.

Here you will find scientific information on geosciences, environmental sciences, and public health sciences in the most comprehensive form. Our products aim to help you transform your daily and your business life. 

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