It is me, konstantia.

A woman in science that wants to inspire you to change your life with the knowledge of science.

Since I was a child I loved to read pretty much about anything. I will admit, novels were and are my favourite ones.

In my young child’s mind, my love for books meant I should be a scientist. Science seam pretty hard to be attractive. 

And so when I turn 18, I started studying Geology mostly out of luck. And indeed, I was right. Geology is extraordinary.

Throughout my uni years and after one bachelor’s and two master’s degrees, science has become my greater love affair. 

You see science is everywhere you look and everywhere you can not. It is how you breathe or what you eat. It is as big as the universe and as small as an atom.

Science is what we understand of the world around us and even inside us, but mostly it is the things we do not comprehend… not just yet. 

But things in life are almost never as we imagine.

Science is the poetry of reality.

Richard Dawkins

You see after years of studying and more years working as a scientist, I never got my happy ending.

The frog remained a frog and my love affair ended before it even started.

For almost a decade now I am not working as a science, and of course not by choice.

So what should I do with so much knowledge I gain? What should I do with the science that I have fallen in love with?

I never wanted to give it up. Instead, I did the best thing I thought: I created Her Impact Podcast.

My podcast aims to educate people on everyday science and have my impact on the world through science.

But like me, other women struggle to make it in the man-made world of science.

Hence the interviews with extraordinary women who have impacted the world with their knowledge.

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With love…for science,