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Science paradox is when something makes no sense with the knowledge we have now.

Even though science has progressed a lot we still have a lot of puzzles about Earth and the universe that keeps many scientists awake at night.

Hence it is like the gravity problem all over again and again. So many problems are still mysteries that we want to solve because it is our human nature.

Paradox is thus a much deeper and universal concept than the ancients would have dreamed. Rather than an oddity, it is a mainstay of the philosophy of science.

William Poundstone

In the end, we are all explorers of the world and we want to find out on the deepest and more ancient mysteries of the universe.

So here are three of the biggest science paradoxes we did not solve:

  • the Archaean paradox of the not so hot young Earth
  • the Faint Young Sun paradox on why there is life on Earth
  • the Fermi paradox on why there are no aliens

Even though these paradoxes are still mysteries there are many scenarios to solve them. In this episode, we are explaining just a few of the most fascinating ones.

Become one of the explorers with me and discover why the universe looks like this in this journey to the unknown

Although this may seem a paradox, all exact science is based on the idea of approximation. If a man tells you he knows a thing exactly, then you can be safe in inferring that you are speaking to an inexact man.

Bertrand Russell

What is your scenario about these paradoxes? Do you know any other universe mystery? Tell us all about it below. 

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