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Satellite images are playing a major role in our lives without us knowing about it. Hence they provide us with the information we need for our everyday life.

Satellite images and more recently satellite videos are showing us what is happening in the world even in the most remote places.

If you saw movies of spies and high tech surveillance then you should know these things are just starting. Hence you can see James Bond on his speed board escaping the bad guys with the help of satellites.

When you look at the number of satellites, what they're doing and what they represent, it is really a vision of trying to have the world in your clutches.

Trevor Paglen

Although this is scary that someone is watching all the time, we need to understand that satellites give us valuable information about Earth we need.

In this episode, we are talking about five cool ways we use satellite images to make our lives easier and better. So we use them for:

  • Retrieving intelligence in the army
  • Recording the changes in the rural and urban environment
  • Observing and managing natural disasters
  • Managing the crops in agriculture
  • Monitoring non-renewable resources  

But how we translate satellite images into data is mapping. So we can actually use them to get information about roads, buildings, rivers and anything you can see in these images.

That is why mapping is becoming one of the main skills in education. If you do not know to do so, you can learn in Geoschool with the courseCreate maps easily

To understand how quickly we're cooking the planet, we need good data. To have good data, we need good satellites.

Jeff Goodell

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