Inge Lehmann


Inge Lehmann is a great inspiration for all women in science. Because of her work in seismology, we know that the outer core of Earth is solid.

Her story is another example of what women can achieve, even in science, a men-dominated field where women are often discredited. 

But Inge, like any woman, was not discouraged by challenges, rather she became a pioneer in geosciences.

With her cardboard cards and her oatmeal boxes, Inge registered the velocity of propagation of the earthquakes to all parts of the globe. By means of this information, she deduced new theories of the inner parts of the Earth.

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So Inge Lehmann is one of many women in science that are like lighthouses in the darkest night that light hope on what can be if we work hard and never doubt ourselves.

Moreover, Lehmann was one of the longest-lived scientists, having lived for over 104 years.

During her lifetime she continued to do seismic investigations of crust and mantle making great discoveries on Earth’s anatomy. 

In this episode, we are learning the story of Inge and her great discovery that made history.

Her story is full of interesting facts on:

  • where she was born and grew up
  • what education she received 
  • where her career started and what achievements during her work
  • and finally what awards and honors she earned

You should know how many incompetent men I had to compete with-in vain.

Inge Lehmann

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  1. Don’t you mean the outer core is liquid and the inner core is solid in your second sentence?

  2. Thank you for the comment. No, Inge Lehmann’ work made the discovery that the Earth’ crust is solid.

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