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Celebrating Her Impact Podcast news that it is one of the Top 10 Geology Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020, according to Feedspot.

So we are celebrating Her Impact Podcast by reintroducing to you what and why we do this.

Her Impact show was created to help you understand Earth Science in our everyday life. 

Not explaining science seems to me perverse. When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.

Carl Sagan

Science is the knowledge hidden in our everyday life. If we learn about it then we can make better choices.

In addition, we explore the science of others with interviews from quest scientists.

Finally, we are promoting women in science by explaining the challenges they face in several episodes of Her Impact. 

Not only is it important to ask questions and find the answers, as a scientist I felt obligated to communicate with the world what we were learning.

Stephen Hawking

What do you think about Her Impact? Any suggestions? We will like to hear them below.

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