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Women in Science Diaries is a new section on Her Impacts that wants to portray women in science and tell their stories with their own words.

Since forever women in science are having such a hard time not only to become scientists but also to work in science.

But no often enough they have the opportunity to talk about that. Because media and science organizations are less possible to invite them to speak about their achievements and their challenges.   

She wrote some code just on the paper itself, and she's really somebody we point to in our heritage as our founder for computer science.

megan smith on Ada Lovelace

Yet we want this to change. This is one of the reasons we are working to establish the Science Women Act

But we are not stopping there. We want to hear from them their problems and their story in science. 

So if you are a woman in science you can be on Her Impact show.

If you want to learn more then just click above to this episode.

Women in Science Diaries is an open invitation to women in science that want to tell their stories with their own words.

She remains the only woman to be have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine by herself - she didn't d share it with anyone.

JO HANDELSMAN on Barbara McClintock

Are you a woman in science? You can tell us what you think about this initiative below.

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