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Women scientists are constantly struggling to reach the top of the science community. Only a small percentage are becoming full-time professors and they can choose their research work.

This year science Nobel prizes are another example: only one woman was awarded. In the 118 years, only 3% of Nobels went to women.

On this note, I am revealing the three barriers that women scientists need to overcome in order to have a career.

But I don’t see myself as a woman in science. I see myself as a scientist. I didn’t think that would be the big story. I thought the big story would be the science.

Donna Strickland

Women in science and general in STEM are working in a male-dominated workplace. So they are facing many challenges even from the beginning when they are students.

Yet they want to become scientists to contribute to help humanity with science.

However, they are facing many difficulties in their effort to do scientific work.

There are 3 barriers women scientists face every day: pay gap, isolation, and lack of protection for their work. That is why only very few can reach the top.

Hence these barriers are making difficult for women to reach the top and finally create solutions that can help us to resolve many of our problems.

Finally, we maybe have more success in problems like climate change and poverty if we allow the other half of the population to thrive in science.

Who wins the Nobel Prize is a way to determine who is a ‘real scientist,’ and if you don’t see yourself reflected in those prizes, you might not think of yourself as a real scientist.

Kimberly Griffin

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