Deal with rejection is what we all do. This feeling of self pity and disappointment is very familiar to us all. Most of the times we just let it destroying it from inside out.

Because we are seeing rejection as failure, we feel as failures. So we did not get that job or that house or that salary. Yet we fail to marry or become in love or have a sexy body.Also we are not successful without a career and a property. 

Rejection comes from others but we do reject ourselves without even realising. Hence we see ourselves small because we do not fit the norms. Although these social requirements are expired, the times are changing too slow.

Therefore we are to live in out time with taboo and prejudice. Our society is very often drawing us in justment and leaving us without joy.

Because people know what we can not do but they rarely know what we CAN DO. Yet we often believe them without questioning their qualifications to become judges in our own lives. 

So if we can only change them slowly the biggest changes can be made within. We can deal with rejection by changing our own mindset.

Deal with rejection with these three attitudes 

From my own experience as scientists I deal with rejection almost every single day. Hence I really needed to find ways to deal rejection so it does not consume me. 

Therefore I am giving you my personal advice on this episode on how to deal with rejection, from a scientist view. Here are my three attitudes I have in my life that make a big difference on my own sanity. 

Scientists are very stressful creatures because rejections are like rain in their lives. This comes from getting a position, to get funds and to do the research. 

But even if you are not doing research, it is a similar situation on almost whatever you do as scientist. Therefore I am sharing with you my story in getting beyond rejections and finding peace.

If you are dealing with rejection and have a different story to share I will love to read it below. Remember your story may help someone else on his/he to deal with rejection.

Important: share only your own story directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Thank you for sharing your own story so someone might benefit from it. 

So keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 28/11/2018.

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