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Biodiversity loss seems to get worse over the years. A recent article states that one million species are at risk of extinction.

Hence this is alarming, mostly for us, because we are depending on biodiversity for our own existence. 

Wildlife and vegetation are this planet’s biodiversity. But it is not a constant for Earth. As the Earth is changing, biodiversity is also changing.

Because of the species’ evolution, there is a vast change in animals and plants. 

He that plants trees loves others besides himself.

Thomas Fuller

However, even this is a natural process, humankind has also made an impact on biodiversity due to hunting and agriculture.

Yet today we are facing even a bigger challenge due to mass biodiversity loss.

But we fail to realize that we indeed depend on biodiversity in many ways.

There are five main reasons we need to care about biodiversity loss. These factors are showing our dependence on biodiversity:

  • Biodiversity is an indicator of climate change. Birds and butterflies tell us how the world is changing. 
  • It is the food chain.
  • We still use plants to make medicine.  
  • Manufacture materials come from biodiversity.
  • Ecotourism is a major contribution to many countries’ economies.

In this episode, we are explaining these five reasons and how they are maybe our motivation to act now against biodiversity loss.

Even if we act against climate change we may be letting out a much greater problem for our own existence.

Therefore we should take conservation actions on endangered species.  

Biodiversity starts in the distant past and it points toward the future.

Frans Lanting

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