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A sustainable gift is an ecologically fashionable choice now.

Sustainable gift ideas should be on your shopping list for this holiday season. Make this season holidays special for you and your loved ones by choosing to buy eco-friendly products.

If you make sustainable gifts to give, you are thinking of Earth and the environment as well. Make this Christmas ‘green’! You do not know what to get? Do not worry. I am listing for you five different ideas to choose from.

Therefore you can choose what will suit you and the person receiving the gifts. In this way, you are making it personal and he/she will remember it forever this alternative gift.

Shop a reusable product for your sustainable gift

Products that you can use over and over for years are always a good choice for a gift. But if you want to be also eco-friendly you should focus on the material that is made.

Plastics are not green products and you should avoid them. Even if they are not friendly to the environment, your health is also at risk.

Choosing the material of the product depends on its use. More instant if you will store something solid like a sandwich, I recommend you buy a fabric food wrapper.

I love them because you can use them in other ways, like covering food/drink when you store them. In addition, they have beautiful designs rather than the foil traditional alternative.

On the other hand, glass products are reusable. They can be used in many ways even after you consume the content. Look for glass water bottles as a perfect gift for your yoga lover friend!

Give a recycled product as a sustainable gift

Recycling is pretty common nowadays. Moreover, we are all recycling (or we should anyway). But purchasing a product made with recycled material sounds very eco-friendly. And it is!

Instead, the materials end up at a landfill, manufacturers are re-using them to make something different.

Usually, I buy recycled shopping bags, not only they are reusable but you can find them very fashionable. 

Additionally, there are also decor products that are made from newspapers or magazines. Some of them come from third countries and they are colorful and useful.

Single-use plastic is a ticking time bomb for the environment. Avoid it wherever and whenever possible.

Jennifer Nini

Make family time by upcycling

What better to sit with your family this season and upcycling. What more a sustainable gift can be, if you make it with your own hands with materials you already have. A plus to it will be making them with your children or your friends.

Moreover, this is a choice you can spend less and the outcome will be unique. You can customize all you want to express your love and make the most for a product that soon can be disposed of.

The choices are endless and limited only to be your imagination. You can use well to make new furniture or decor item.

On the other hand, you can take out your crafting equipment to transform an item.

How is your needlework? If you are into it you can upcycle an item easily by decorating it.

Give the gift of giving: eco-friendly charity in your loved one’s name

Giving a charitable gift is very unique as a gift and it is relevant to the Christmas Holidays. In addition, the person receiving it will feel appreciated, especially when environmental protection is a priority.

Again the choices are unlimited. Worldwide there are a lot of non-governmental organizations that have a mission to save Earth.

Wildlife foundations are for animal lovers. If you are looking for a ‘warriors of Earth’ type of organization.

On the other hand, they are also much organization that fights ‘climate change’ in a more ‘peaceful’ way. 

Or you may choose to fund a local organization. At the end of the day, wherever you choose to give, it is a beautiful gift to give.

Do not forget the wrapping!

Wrapping your sustainable gift with traditional paper is not  ‘eco-friendly’. If you choose to shop for green gifts, you should wrap them as well with eco-friendly gift wraps.

One option will be a reusable gift wrap. You can reuse them, they come with beautiful designs and they are eco-friendly made of fabric.

If you want your gifts to look like the traditional gifts under the Christmas tree, there are options for them too. One idea will be to use recycled wrapping paper. In addition, the ribbon can be cotton or paper.

The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.

Joshua Becker

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