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Have you ever consider doing things differently to stand out from the crowd? Of course, you must have. In a world that is changing faster than ever, we must be innovative enough to prevail.

New ideas are expected from hi-tech solutions, leaving almost no room for anything else. Well maybe there is…we may fail to comprehend its true value. And it is simple enough, it is ‘science’.

As Edward Teller said ‘the science of today is the technology of tomorrow‘. What if science is more, so much more. It may be the tool used in every aspect of your life and, to an extent, in your business.

Let me explain now. Do you have a contact page? How about a map attached showing where your business is located.

Usually, this page contains a hyperlink of a global map, without local features. Maps are mainly helpful for your local customers, and without the known features (such as historical/municipal buildings, traffic light names, etc.) is more challenging for them to locate you.

Why not create a customized map to lead directly your customers to you? This will show that you did that ‘extra mile’ putting your own creativity to the smallest details. But do not stop there yet!

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.

Carl Sagan

Digital mapping is a science that can provide you with potentials that you did not even dream of! You can have all your data in one map, attached with your raw data (tables, photos, etc.). You can build your own database whatever sector you are in it. For instance, you may be in real estate having all your listings on a map for your clients. There is no limitation here.

However this is only a small example of how adding a bit of science flair in your business, is giving your originality that is usually lacking. You are not requested to reinvent the wheel, however, you need to adjust your work life to the present world.

Today we have the highest percentage of educated people throughout history. Now customers do not buy what they want, they buy the cause behind the product.

To test the theory and stand out from the crowd. Use science in your branding campaign. Teach science and influence others. Be original and mostly..have some fun!

Science is the poetry of reality.

Richard Dawkins

Do you have anything to share? How do you stand out from the crowd? You can do it below.

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With love…for science,


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