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Books are a great influence at any age and any background, especially if you are a scientist. When you have reached to read a lot, they become part of yourself.

Hence they become guides on your life’s choices. If you understand that books are someone’s imagination or view, you can realize how we all influence each other.

I personally read my entire life on various subjects: novels, science, technology, history, and more. Each and everyone leaves their mark on my mind and cultivate my imagination. They give more than knowledge and information.

Books help me to realize my purpose in life and to pursue my wildest dreams.

Moreover, they are the tools I carried daily with me, not only as a scientist but also as a person. They are my tools for thoughts and ideas.

The following list is five books that influenced me to be a medical geologist. They are on various subjects, not only science. And these books are the lighthouse of my life’s choices.

Essentials of Medical Geology

This book is my bible. It is the reason why I choose to become a medical geologist as a scientist. It is a fascinated book that summarizes what you need to know about this relevantly new science.

What I love about it more is that it takes you from the relation of earth elements and your health. It continues on how we are exposed to them and what diseases occur. It also has a section on animal health and on investigation tools.

There is also a history of medical geology at the beginning, starting from Hippocrates who himself noticed the connection of health and geology. Read here for the full review. 

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

The Lorax

Although I was an adult, I wish I read it when I was a child. When I read it I found it fascinating how easy you can talk to children about environmental education.

This book made me realize that you can teach children anything by turning your message into an exciting story. Its message is simple: ‘save the trees’.

The Map That Changed the World

The book is about William Smith’s life story in the 18 century. He was the man making a great discovery: geological mapping. He ended up drawing a beautiful hand-painted map showing what is happening inside the Earth.

However he was not praised, on the contrary, he ended up prisoner and homeless. The book reveals his sacrifice behind this world-changing discovery.

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore’s book is one of the first books that I read on global warming, even though he is not a scientist. And it was shocking! I did not know back then how bad it was.

Although I heard about the ‘ozone hole’, I did not know what it is exactly. This book changed that.

It made me more aware of environmental issues and I ended up doing my master’s in Environmental Geology. What I like about this book is that the ‘truth’ is in the collected data. People can lie, but the evidence is real.

Women In Science

This is the book that is on my nightstand now and I love it! It is important for women to have inspiration figures in their world.

This book shows 50 female scientists that change the world! And I especially love art. Illustrations are so beautiful that I want to hang them on my wall.

An Inconvenient Truth is so convincing that it makes opposers of the argument as credible as Holocaust deniers.

Jon Niccum

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