Technology and science seem to be old relatives that change the world as we know it. Their relation is so close that they could be as close as siblings. 

On this long relationship, science is the older and technology comes second.  

On the one hand science is producing new knowledge by explaining and making predictions about the universe. However technology is science in practice aiming to solve problems and to invent new tools.  

Science, the hero of knowledge

It will be a big challenge to imagine the world without science. Hence our society’s structure relies on scientific findings. On the other hand without science, our curiosity alone can not solve our problems.

As we may realise great discoveries in science led to greater changes in the world’s history. By having great minds like Galileo, Newton, Darwin and so many more, we can now travel, live and work in ways unimaginable for previous generations.

According to  David Wootton book, ‘The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution‘, scientific revolution is the greatest event in history. In addition the author defends science and scientists from political attacks by storytelling the scientific discoveries transforming our world for the past 500 years.

Technology,  the master of innovation

Even if technology is dominating our lives, the rapid progress is becoming more and more extraordinary.  Therefore it is safe to conclude that the future holds many surprises. Factories with robots and visually reality use to travel in past worlds will be a reality soon. 
As the technology becomes more advanced, it seems that the sky is not the limit. Even if we are already in the digital age, we have not still seen great changes as the ones coming in the following years.
Hence innovation is mainly equal to technologically advanced discoveries.  There is no innovation without some technological extreme initiative. Walking now in the revolution of technology, innovation becomes hi-tech and gadgety.

Relation throughout history

Throughout history, the relation of science and technology changed. On the one hand science is like a factory producing new knowledge. Yet the latest is actually using science to transform knowledge into useful tools. 

However this is no new. History shows civilisations that were depending on this relation for progress and prosperity. 

In order to observe this relation, which is developing as technology and science evolve,  we can only look at the inventions’ timeline.  Hence for the last 10 million years, we managed to transform our societies from using tools made of stone to the present hi-tech gadgets. 

In the early years science and technology coexisted to develop all the great inventions, like the steam engine or the elevator. However they are now separated but their relationship is stronger than ever. From the science view, technology gives new tools to discover further worlds, like for example the telescope. But utterly science is the source of new technological ideas and tools.

Present knowledge helping innovation

It can not be still doubtable the fact that science and technology equally need to grow for a real innovative as well as sustainable future. By disclosing one, the other can not bloom alone. Equally there will be no real long-lasting progress without developing both at the same time. 

Yet it seems the latest years, technology is becoming the protagonist of this relation. Having in mind the scientific revolution and its discoveries, technology seems to be changing enormously in a limited time.

Many researchers argue that the relation between them is difficult because science and technology are not related in every sector. However as the world is changing rapidly, the demand for novel solutions is constantly growing.

Presently different sciences come together for innovative research. That is why multidisciplinary sciences, such as medical geology, can introduce new knowledge from a new perspective.   

This is also applicable in technology. Yet there is little encouragement in developing the relation. If this is achievable we may be even more successful in reaching innovation at its best.      

Future prospects for sustainable economies  

Today we know we must achieve the sustainable goals, according to the United Nations initiative. Even there are still deniers for climate change and sustainability, the vast majority is accepting that innovation must also take into account the aspect of environmental protection .

Learning from the past with industrialisation, no present economy can grow with unsustainable practices. On the contrary circular economy is not only green but also it is profitable. By going green and becoming sustainable, society is not compromising on economic growth. On the contrary it is the solution for ensuring life conservation.

In this effort science and technology are helping greatly. However their impact can be even greater if their relation is strong and they are both working together. Moreover their relationship is maybe the only permanent factor for sustainable development to be a success for sake of future generations.   

Keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 18/04/2018. This article contains affiliate links.

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