Adventures in nature were always my favorite trips we had. I have so many memories as a child swimming in rivers, climbing trees and eating wild berries. Hence I seem to be like Anne of Green Gables. Of course, I never knew Anne back then.

Yet my adventures seem to make me feel powerful and happy. It seemed to me that there is this big whole world out there, out of my city, which was inviting me to discover it.

Maybe that is why I end up being a geologist. And this science actually leads me to Oreen.  

Oreen is about adventures and sustainability 

Oreen is a startup I am working for many months now and it is mainly focusing to promote sustainable nature-based tourism in even the most remote destinations.

Therefore it is focusing on the environment and the local economy. Hence it is building tools for hosts that are providing adventures in nature to promote themselves.

Tourism is important because it can create sustainable local economies. I'd much rather have 1,000 tourists going up the Tambopata than 1,000 gold miners. - Frans Lanting

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Oreen is a tech company that aims to incorporate new technologies (like augmented reality and the internet of things) to enhance our experiences in nature. So join me to learn the story: from the idea to the creation of Oreen. 

Learn all about it on this live episode.

 Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

So welcome to Oreen. Do you have any questions? You can ask them below. 

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So keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 29/5/2019.

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