Public health is the science that studies how our lifestyle and the environment affect our health and wellness. In addition, its purpose is to protect and improve our health.

In simple words, it is the science that tells what to eat, touch, breath, and whatnot.

If you think this is hard, well, it is. Hence the costly and time-consuming research scientists for years and years now.

However, we think that things are simplified: ‘natural’ is good and ‘artificial’ is bad for our health. This is can not be farther from the truth.

Honestly, things are not that simple. In fact, what you never hear from the news or advertisements is that not all ‘natural ‘ products are safe. As well as the fact that all artificial products are unhealthy.

Testing shows the harmful products and materials

But how scientists recognize what may be a threat to our health: by testing them in the laboratory.

Toxicology is the science that studies how our body may react to substances by testing them on animals. On the one hand, animal testing can be a cruel act. However, on the other hand, we can accept it more than testing in people.

Having in mind how costly and slowly the process to test any product, drug or substance, it is very difficult indeed to have answers for everything. Therefore we can not be sure about every we consume.

One is for sure, it is better to avoid anything that is not tested. Furthermore, we need to look for products that are tested for a wide range of harmful substances. In any case, national agencies and global organizations like the World Health Organisation have information on what we should look for.

Natural vs Artificial

Biological and green products seem to be so in fashion now. On the one hand, they seem to be more healthy and we can feel safe about what we eat and what we use. However, they may be not so innocent as everybody advertises.

Having in mind that nature has been polluted and damages by ourselves, in the end, they all come in our plate and home.

In more specific, we use or eat things that grow or come from nature. When we destroy the environment, we actually harm everything that is a part of it.

So whether it is ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’ product, it comes to be harmful to us and to future generations.

Education on public health is the first step

In order to learn what to buy and whatnot, we must start with education. Knowledge is power and we have it.

Therefore let just start by learning the basics of public health science. Hence we can incest in learning about what can harms so we can avoid it.

Luckily we live in the digital world where information is only a ‘click’ away. In addition, demand to know what we are buying. Do not be a consumer, be an informed one.

Some years ago, I learned that my parents’ house might have asbestos. Therefore I immediately took action and call the company where they bought the tiles from. In addition, I talked to the government department that provided me the relevant information.

So be that person to ask and learn. At the end of the day, it is your and your family’s health.

Trusting the public health science

Public health science has involved so much today. Now we know more than anytime before.

Nowadays a new type of sciences can give new knowledge for the environment and for our health. For example, medical geology gives knowledge of how the environment and its materials can harm our health.

Moreover, science is not political, or it should not be. In addition, science should be driven by economic gain.

Therefore we must learn to trust the science.

In only cases, we can question science is where it is done poorly. However, if you get the same knowledge from different sources, the chances are that whatever they are saying is true.

Keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 20/12/2017.

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