Geoscientists in business is an unusual concept for anyone to digest but it is possible. We are living in a world of climate change and global warming. Humanity needs to find solutions to fight the threads that it created.

Earth science can and must seek to discover new ways to protect the environment and its beings. However as the science evolves new professions can be formed. Therefore geology can join other sciences forming new disciplines.

Yet as the science changes, geoscientists can get out in the world to educate and create new concepts. For decades geoscience involved around mostly on raw materials research. Yet we have reach to talk about extinction on resources.

Therefore there are many geoscientists, mainly new scientists, that do not have job opportunities or losing jobs. But losing opportunities does not mean we can not create others. 

Here you find a list of business ideas that any geoscientist can try, depending on his/her interests.


Geotourism is not a new form of tourism. China started developing geotourism since the 1980s. Yet in Europe it is evolving since the 1990s.  

According to the book ‘Geotourism: Sustainability, Impacts and Management’, geotourism is defined as putting ‘geology and geomorphology as centrepiece components and main focus of tourism interest’. 

If you love to hike and to talk about geology then geotourism is an option. You can be a tour guide for universities, schools and other groups. 

However there other options. One of them is to establish a consulting firm on geotourism. In specific you can help business on how to incorporate geology. If you do not have knowledge in business consulting, you can always partner with one. 

Therefore you can contact businesses within geoparks, national parks and everywhere there are geotourism activities.

Become geoscientists in business by creating a startup 

Startup companies are very popular now and they will be as long as we need solutions to make our life easier. Startups are to develop a new product or service to resolve a problem, a need.

But how many geoscientists are interested in this? Maybe no so many. This can be a positive thing for them as they have a different way of thinking. Therefore they can think ideas that none else considered until now.

In addition we have so many environmental problems that affect our health and the planet. Therefore geoscientists can try to produce products and services to solve or to minimise them.

Hence the challenges are endless and they can be the begging of new work opportunities for geoscientists in business.

Journalism in geology

Writing for some people can be a natural need. If you one of them you can become a journalist for Earth science. 

There so many subjects you can write about. One example is to comment on news about current events: climate change,  landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.

On another end you can write about science. There are a lot of websites that collaborate with authors and usually there is a science section.

However if you do this you can also consider blogging. Hence you can write about geoscience and show people why is your science important. In addition you can give them insights and provide helpful information for your audience. 

You can go through my posts to get ideas or other blogs. 

Eventually you can turn your blog to a business, it takes time and consistency. However this option is ideal for geoscientists in business who want to work alone. 

Establish your own NGO

Are you an activist? Are you passionate about geology or other geoscience? Maybe you can consider to establish your own non governmental organisation (NGO).

Most people they do this, they feel very fulfilling about their working space. 

Even though it is not a business, you can have access to funds that are destined for NGOs. In addition you can do your own research through the organisation, rather than try to do it via universities or other research centers.  These working environments are very competitive and there are not so many opportunities to choose your research theme.

But the most important you will feel you are making a difference by education in science and other fun activities you can organise.

Open your own online shop

If you are more creative, like me, you can always open your very own online shop and sell your art. If you are an Earth scientist and have passion about Earth you make your own designs inspired by nature. 

Another option is to sell minerals and rocks from your own collection. On the ather you can get more creative and make your own crafts using them as your main materials.

Check my pinterest boards DIY crafts with rocks + mineralsCrystals’ Decor and Earth Art for inspiration.   

Finally you may all agree that there are other avenues from traditional professions. Geoscientists in business can create new ones and therefore create opportunities for new scientists in the future. 

Keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 14/02/2018. The article contains affiliate links.

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