Artistic products inspired by Earth's patterns

Ophiolite Collection

Dive into the world of Earth science with rocks and minerals. Here you will only find pieces from the island of Cyprus. Our country has a vast variety of rocks and minerals. Most important geologically is the ophiolite,  a piece of the ocean crust that has been lifted. We only sell locals samples found on our trips on the island and we have a strict ‘no hammering’ policy.  


Geology holds secrets of our planet. Every time you hold a piece of it, a rock or a mineral, you have a piece of the secret.

Konstantia Achilleos

Earth Lovers Products

Earth lovers are our products that were inspired by nature and our work in the field. It is a way to express our passion and love for Earth science. They were created after our own need to have accessories that illustrate the life of an Earth lover. Here you will find mugs, bags, posters and more, that were made by scientists for scientists and science lovers. It is our creativity having fun! 


make knowledge your


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Printable Earth Science

Eproducts for learning Earth science essentials aim putting knowledge in a simple and fun way. They were made for making education being assessimple to all, even to not scientists. In addition they are material that can be use for also other purpose such as decoration. Please print on recycle paper or let them be digital on the space of your pc.