Environmental education is still to be a priority in schools. Governments are yet to incorporate learning about nature to their education systems. Moreover, corporation greed is not allowing the acceptance of the green economy.

That is why environmental education is so important now. By educating young children, they become responsible adults. Moreover, children tend to influence their parents from recycling to greener choices.     

Learning the ABC of Earth science

Most cases of environmental education exclude Earth science. But how we can teach children about climate change without talking about meteorology and geology.

Many educational programs focus only on recycling and environmental protection. However, they fail to explain the ‘why’. In addition, they tend to overlook the importance of Earth science altogether. 

But this is far from the truth. So maybe the first step of environmental education is to teach the teacher the ABC of Earth science. By giving the educators the tools and knowledge they can adjust their syllabus.

Environmental education and wildlife

Wildlife conservation and education are concepts that are essential to go together. Without environmental education, we tend to not understand why is important to save endangered species.

As the world’s last male northern white rhino died last week, we are only at the beginning of the vanishing animal species. Scientists are not optimized about the future that can lead to massive extinctions in animals.

Yet we are not taking measures to protect them. Instead, there are many that hunt them down and posting photos of their ‘accomplishments’. Hence, without education, people are still choosing profit over animal protection.

But how can we turn people from environmental destroyers to environmental protectors? Early education at the age of six years old, children may change this world to safer for animals world.

In the long term, the economy and the environment are the same thing. If it's unenvironmental, it is uneconomical. That is the rule of nature. - Mollie Beattie

Outdoors education for the mind and the spirit

Environmental education without being outdoors in nature is quite impossible. Moreover, globalization is keeping most of the children in concrete cities. Therefore they are becoming unfamiliar with nature.

We may not be aware of the ignorance of children but it is mostly a fact. Nowadays there are children that do not understand the simple concept of a ‘river’. Although it is a difficult thing to imagine is only the raw reality.

Although this is encouraging to hear, there are global efforts changing it. In many developing and increasingly developing countries are changing their traditional educational systems. More and more educational schools have been created in rural areas to educate and entertain children and young adults.

In addition educational schools are not only focusing on local but also international students. In this way children can learn global environmental issues and why is so important to protect the environment at a global level.

Learning from experience

Environmental education is not a complicate to provide it. Currently, there are many tools that help educators to design environmental educations.

One example is the tools that the book Environmental Belief Formation in Children – A Tool for Environmental Education Improvement is describing. This book describes the factors associated with the development of environmental responsibility in children (with their behaviors or beliefs). Therefore it is a tool for educators to design successful environmental education initiatives. 

Another great example is the book Urban Environmental Education Review. What is different about the second example is that is focusing on the urban environment. Maybe people are not aware of urban nature, but this book aims to change our perception.  It includes any practices that create learning opportunities and fosters approaches in urban environmental education. 

Environmental education is not merely an initiative that will stop in years.

On the contrary, it is an approach that only needs to grow if we want future generations to achieve sustainability.   

In addition, environmental education can not only affect the behaviors of children. But it will finally change the mentality of adults on environmental protection.

Finally, we ought to nature and ourselves to become the species that has the logic of protecting its home and not only destroying it…for our wellbeing first. 

Keep learning. Keep growing.


Posted on 04/04/2018. This article contains affiliate links.

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