Earth affect us all. Hence how we are changing as humans. However today it affects also: from our health to our whole lives.

What is Earth

Earth is our planet. Its was created about 4 billion years ago.

Our planet actually works as a living creature. Imagine a very big cell with so many complex functions. 

Because of its age, it has experience so many changes from ice age to global warming. No other planet, that we know of until now, is like it.

Moreover it created changes to all the creatures that live on it. From the huge dinosaurs to bacteria, it changes them all throughout their existence.

What are we

Scientists believe that the first form of life are bacteria. Moreover life started more that 3 millions years ago on this planet in the form of cyanobacteria.  

Therefore life started at the oceans and it evolved as an animal on the continent. 

Moreover the first mammal was a creature similar to a mouse. As the planet changed, it changed also to how we look today.

What is our relation to Earth now

Although nature is complex for us to understand, we do know that we depend completely. 

Diet is the first advice you will get from your doctor to take care of your health. Hence our food is health or not if the soil is healthy or not.

All the vegetables and fruits absorb the nutrients we need from Earth and its soil. In addition meat is also good if the animals get their own nutrients from food. 

Have you even needed to take any magnesium for your muscles or calcium for your bones? Well you originally have all these metals from foods, similarly as the other nutrients.

In detail, metals come from rocks which turn to soil. Hence the plants and animals absorb them for us to have in our body.

Nature can also harm us

Not all natural products are good. Unfortunately we live in a world that environmental pollution threads our health because of greed. However nature can harm us too. 

Science has proved that there are natural sources of pollution that can harm us as well. For instance Bangladesh faces a huge problem on their drinking water. Their water has arsenic and it is a natural source. 

Medical geology is a relevantly new science that study how Earth can harm our health. In addition it investigates how natural materials that we use in industry can affect our body.

Going green for our own wellbeing 

Governments and media may sometimes misleading us to believe that ‘going green’ is costly or is not possible. However the cost on our lives and health is much higher. 

By protecting the environment we protect ourselves. However to do that we must learn what harm us and what benefit our health. 

In order to do that we should trust the science. Although we will always learn more and more on the relation we have with nature, whatever we know now can use them to protect us and the future generations.

Keep learning. Keep growing. 


Posted on 17/01/2018

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